How to Create Interactive Content That Cuts Through The Noise to Pull Prospects Into Your Funnel

Is your business vulnerable because your investment in high quality content yields lackluster results? Not sure how to break through the avalanche of competitive information? No problem!

We’ll show you how to fix those problems by tapping into the power of digital media to engage prospects with interactive content. According to Demand Metric Research interactive content yields 2x more conversions than static content. Wouldn’t your boss like that? This workshop will show you how to produce attention-getting interactive content that attracts, engages and supports prospects through the entire purchase process. Specifically, the course will teach you how to: make the case for interactive content, lay a solid foundation for interactive content, select the best of the 5 core types of interactive content to meet your audience’s needs, and plan optimal interactive content for your business.


  • Assess where interactive content can yield the biggest boost to your overall content marketing plans. Includes updating existing and timeworn content to stay relevant and maximize results.
  • Boost your interactive content results by selecting the optimal interactive content format of the 5 core formats to meet your prospects’ needs.
  • Plan related call-to-action, landing page and post-interactive content engagement to capitalize on respondent interest.

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Location: Room 25C Date: September 5, 2017 Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Heidi Cohen