It’s a Distributed World, and Your Content’s Living in It: How You Need to Handle Content on Rented Land

At first, marketers published content on blogs, and then everyone started writing for SEO — but today, you need to be proactive about distributing your content to reach consumers where they are. This presentation will address how marketers can embrace the new distributed-platform model, and what it really means to produce content that’s “social-first.”


  • What “distributed content” means (and will mean as platforms continue to grow and evolve)
  • How marketers should incorporate social platforms into their distribution strategy
  • How to create content that performs well on social
  • B2B advertisers: What “social-first” means for them, and how they can own a social-first strategy that works for their unique targeted audience
  • B2C advertisers: How to cut through the clutter to differentiate their brand

Content Distribution Advanced B2B Marketing B2C Marketing
Location: Jr. Ballroom B Date: September 7, 2017 Time: 10:00 am - 10:45 am Patricia Chui