Return on Content: The Dynamics of Building Your Very Own Content ROI Approach

Content can have trouble proving its legitimacy – brands aren’t always able to frame up the immediate value since it’s a longer impact approach. Marketing leaders often need a clearer path to justify the marketing spend to executive management. This session is aimed at exploring a fresh new approach on how content can prove itself and takes a deeper look at:

  • How ROI should be realistically defined for brands, and why it shouldn’t be viewed a one-size-fits all solution.
  • Important measures of success that cover traditional hard metrics such as direct sales and online lead generation and soft including consumer behaviors and engagement.
  • How to evaluate ROI beyond traditional sales metrics.
  • Considerations for balancing both business-and consumer-centric objectives to successfully drive meaningful business impact.

Participants will learn first-hand how to evaluate content ROI for their brands and will come away with actionable information to apply to their programs.

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Lunch & Learns
Location: Grand Ballroom B Date: September 6, 2017 Time: 12:20 pm - 1:00 pm Adam Braxton Gordon Price Locke