Sports and Entertainment Lab – Constant Curiosity: Getting Fans to Incessantly Crave Your Attention

Does your content grab folks within those critical first 4 seconds? Is it both memorable and meaningful? That’s what your most valuable fans need. They’re constantly curious and you must keep them on their toes with timely, targeted moments of brilliance. Oh, and then you need to string these moments together as often as humanly possible. And while you’re at it, can you make sure you’ve got the proper mix of the live, planned and spontaneous stuff they crave. Wait, are you sure you can survive in this always-on culture? Is creating a constant emotional connection with your fans even possible?

Award-winning keynote speaker, real-time marketing author and SXSW advisor Jon Burkhart is keen to work through all these issues with you. He’s created a strategic framework built around this notion of constant curiosity. It’s time to regain your sense of wonder. Or discover it for the first time. This whole industry lab is designed to help you create content that your fans will seek out — content that inspires game-changing action and undying loyalty.

Lab Audience Disclaimer: This isn’t just a session for sports teams, music venues and film companies. It’s also for start-ups, governing bodies, charities, brands — consultants even. Anyone who helps bring culture, sports, film and music to the world

Constant Curiosity Battle Plan: Jon will create this with you. It’s equal parts strategic, operational and executional.

How Does This Work With My Content Strategy? Jon applies his constant curiosity framework to social listening, content mission statement, content calendar, etc. He’ll deliver it all in a steady stream of stories, stats and super-smart exercises.

Vision Of Your Future (Sponsored by Spotify): We want your brand to be as loved on Monday mornings as Spotify. Like millions of others, Jon wakes up, craving a new hyper-personalised Discover Weekly playlist even more than his usual cup of Earl Grey tea.

Five Hours With Jon? Are You Sure? After a few busy days of conferencing, his energy will keep you engaged, wondering what’s next. Promise.

Bad News: Your biggest fans represent 360 degrees of daily shape-shifting complexity. That’s why this seems tricky.

Good News: After this, you’ll have a 365-day plan on how to grab them with constant awesome.

Industry Lab
Location: Date: September 8, 2017 Time: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm Jon Burkhart