The Content Talent Crunch: How Marketing Leaders Approach Hiring a New Breed of Marketer

Content marketers are superheroes in our industry. Either one of those words — content and marketing — implies dozens of activities, each of which could be full-time jobs. And over the years, there’s been a rush to hire the best talent. But while media companies have the historical pedigree to attract top-notch content producers, brands who now wish to compete with them are largely just beginning. This has caused a massive crunch for the very best talent.

In this panel, we’ll explore what folks who hire regularly do to make their brands and teams more attractive to Talent with a capital-T. How do they market their culture? How do they interview? What do they look for in vetting this new breed, this content-first, audience-first marketer? And how should this change your entire approach to hiring? (This panel is based on this article on CMI’s blog.)

Location: Searchmetrics Stage Date: September 8, 2016 Time: 10:00 am - 10:45 am jay acunzo 2015 close crop_rev Jay Acunzo James Ellis photo_rev James Ellis Joe Lazauskas photo_rev Joe Lazauskas levy_rev_2016_2 Justin Levy Rossignol_rev Jeannine Rossignol