Chad Eikhoff

Chad Eikhoff is the founder and CEO of TRICK 3D, a leading AR/VR and immersive media studio based in Atlanta. Chad Eikhoff and his teams at TRICK 3D use new technologies and mediums to push the boundaries in virtual space creation, computer-generated (CG) worlds and characters, VR, AR and more. Drawing upon his roots as a filmmaker and director, Eikhoff ensures that his virtual worlds connect emotionally with those who experience them. Eikhoff works with pioneering brands such as Delta Air Lines, Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG), CNN, Georgia Power and others. Eikhoff’s most recent VR project, “Zayden’s Wish,” marked the first-ever VR wish granted for Make-A-Wish, taking a 7-year-old astronaut to outer space in a red rocket ship. @chadeikhoff

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