Kavita Choudhary Jhunjhunwala

With over 22 years of work experience, the last 16 in digital, Kavita has co-founded a 300 people digital agency, headed their India (for 12 yrs) and Singapore (6 yrs) office and has now combined the experience & insights to launch a boutique digital strategy & content marketing agency, Avocado Tree Digital, in Singapore, US & India.

Kavita’s experience revolves around digital & content marketing strategies for more than twenty different government agencies in Singapore as well as multi-national brands such as Heinz Kraft, DHL, Fox TV. Singtel, Fisherman’s Friend, while running large scale campaigns for Indian brands such as CenturyPly, Khadim’s, Lux & more.

A firm believer of 'real' content, Kavita’s vision at Avocado Tree Digital is to educate brands on how they can create a content marketing strategy, which is impactful, high-yielding & does not break the bank.

Kavita is also the founder of the Click Asia & Keywor.d events in India. Speaking engagements, travel, two teens & a deep passion to write genuine content keeps her busy when she is not working on her faithful Mac. Or drinking black coffee. Loads of it.

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