Rachel Schickowski

We hear buzz on how Marketing continues to evolve. The way we shop has changed. Professionally, Rachel is determined to keep growing too.

Over the past few years, Rachel held the role of Global Content Marketing Lead at Rockwell Automation. During this time she was responsible for the implementation and rollout of a company-wide content marketing platform. Rockwell Automation has a marketing team with more than 600 marketeers scattered around the globe, needless to say, having a platform to provide visibility, workflow efficiencies and eliminate duplicative efforts is critical.

Recently, Rachel has taken on a new role as Senior Content Marketing Manager at Connecture. With a passion for content creation and telling a good story, switching to a smaller company with less silos felt right. She is eager to roll up her sleeves and get back to the work she loves. Her experience working with different size organizations provides a unique perspective on content creation and the technology needed to be successful. @legisnotbroken

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