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Alice and content creation

In the spirit of this year’s theme for Content Marketing World – a World of Stories – we’re making a connection between some of the tracks you can follow when attending the show and some of the greatest stories of all time. Not surprisingly, the connection is strong.

How attending the Content Creation track at Content Marketing World will keep you from going down a rabbit hole (and other fine things).

I’m sure you’re heard the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (often shortened to Alice in Wonderland), but have you ever wondered how it relates to the content you create?

Didn’t think so.

As a reminder, Alice was a bored little girl who fell down a rabbit hole only to find some fantastic, somewhat unbelievable stories of her own. From hurrying, worrying rabbits and smiling cats to smoking caterpillars and talking playing cards, Alice experienced things that perhaps no person ever had. She shrunk, then grew and shrunk again and flowed away in a river of her own tears, yet she persevered.

Sounds like she’d make a great content marketer, right?

In the end, Alice finds herself called as a witness in a trial to discover who stole the Queen of Hearts’ tarts (say that five times fast), but was literally too big to testify. In the end, Alice wakes up and realizes it was all a crazy dream. Or was it?

It’s at this point in the story where the sessions in the Content Creation track come into play:

  • By attending How to get promoted by creating less content, not more, author and speaker Jay Baer will tell you, in true everything-seems-backwards fashion, how you can do more by creating less. He will also share the lie every content marketer tells him/herself and how to face the truth. Can’t you just see our girl Alice, sitting up in the front row, her face resting on her hands, listening intently to Jay? Don’t be late, my rabbit-loving friends, this one is sure to move fast.
  • By joining Eric Hess for his presentation REI’s how-to guide for how-to content, you’ll hear from a brand that’s been creating ‘how-to’ content for nearly 20 years. Not at all like the Mad Hatter’s tea party, this presentation is free from riddles and will actually help you understand how to source content ideas from your customers and make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your content buck. Feel free to bring tea if you like, but it’s not required.
  • By attending Content to Community: Leveraging Content to Elevate Your Community, you can learn from an expert panel of presenters how building a successful community around your brand can be an invaluable asset. Ah, community. Alice loves her little community. But, without this group’s guidance, yours may unravel into a twisted game of croquet where mallets are flamingos and hedgehogs are balls…and no one wants that (least of all the hedgehogs).
  • By joining Pam Didner in her presentation, How to create a messaging framework that resonates, you’ll learn to discern features from benefits, messaging vs. value propositions and taglines vs. slogans. Oh my. You will be able to map all of this to your customers’ needs to help you create great content. Alice would agree with your attendance at this session, if only to ensure that you don’t get caught up in a caucus-race that no one can ever win.

So, if you want to avoid a trip down the proverbial marketing rabbit hole, consider attending these great sessions at Content Marketing World 2017. In addition to these and more than 100 other great sessions, there will be lots of great drinks and snacks available, too (most of them orange). And we promise none of them will make you smaller or taller.

Just smarter.

If you want to learn more about how you can help your brand tell A World of Stories your customers will appreciate, come to Content Marketing World 2017, September 5-8 in Cleveland. Code BLOG100 saves $100! Register today!