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Better Ways to Market Your Content (and Attribute It Later)

Your content library may be filled with high quality work, but your treasure trove of content is only as good as how you use it. Add these sessions to your Content Marketing World agenda to optimize your marketing skills and get your work in the right place at the time in the format your audience will connect with.

Opportunity vs. Impact: The Art of Prioritization

Marketing is often synonymous with being a jack of all trades, and prioritization can be one the most useful skills up a marketer’s sleeve. Join Katie Tweedy, Supervisor of Content Marketing + Strategy at Collective Measures, as she delves into the importance of prioritization, helps you identify your individual needs, and gives you a framework for success in your business practices. Watch Katie’s preview and read more about her session here.

Content Attribution: The Missing Piece for Content Marketing Excellence

We know that data-driven marketing content works – but how do we continue to grow in our data collection strategies? Christopher Penn, Chief Data Strategist at Trust Insights, will present a data-driven strategy you may be leaving on the table. He’ll explain what content attribution is (and isn’t) and how you can start tracking these important metrics through your data tools to gain new insights into your attribution. Learn more about the Christopher’s session here.

Don’t Pay the Content Trust Tax! How to share survey data on trends that skeptical B2B buyers will trust

Is your content gaining you trust or costing you leads? Justin Ethington, Partner at TrendCandy, reveals the hidden “trust tax” you might be paying because of your content presentation. Learn how to present your B2B content through survey data and inspire confidence in your brand. Get the details on Justin’s session here.