Mega 80’s to play at House of Blues during CMWorld

“Take a handful of your favorite 80’s songs, a splash of some retro fashion, a pinch of panache and an eye-popping video spectacle in the background and what do you get?” – the amazing band Mega 80’s, that will be the live entertainment at House of Blues Cleveland on Tuesday night of Content Marketing World […]

May 23

Technology Cage Match, Getting the Choir to Sing, and More From Robert Rose [VIDEO]

Arnie Kuenn, President of Vertical Measures, chats with Robert Rose, Chief Strategist for CMI, and Founder and Chief Troublemaker at Big Blue Moose, about the various roles Robert will have at Content Marketing World 2012. He discusses being the moderator of the always entertaining Technology Cage Match lunch session that will be held September 5th, and also […]

Jul 18

Shotgun Sessions, Email Secrets and More from Jeff Rohrs [VIDEO]

Arnie Kuenn, President of Vertical Measures, chats with Jeff Rohrs, VP of Marketing of ExactTarget, about the various roles Jeff will have at Content Marketing World 2012.  He discusses being the emcee of the fast and furious 42 Minute Shotgun session that will be held during lunch on September 6th, and also touches on a […]

Jul 16

John Deere: The Media Company

Content Marketing Institute’s founder Joe Pulizzi talks about how John Deere entered the publishing/content marketing industry with “The Furrow” print magazine series in 1895. Video Transcript: Back in 1895, John Deere created a magazine called “The Furrow” magazine – basically they were trying to educate farmers on all the different technology changes that were going […]

May 30

Content Marketing, Just Out Of The Dugout

Joe Pulizzi explains how digital content marketing is transforming marketing departments. Video transcript: People think “Oh I can get my blog up, or I can put this infographic on Pinterest, or I can get this video series out”, but actually creating a consistent, valuable stream of content, that engages your customers, that is sharable, that creates […]

May 25

Why Content Marketing? Gain or Retain

Joe Pulizzi explains how to ‘Gain’ or ‘Retain’ customers with consistent content marketing. Video Transcript: So when a small business comes to us, and they say “Why should we blog? Why should we create content?”  We just want to keep it simple and say “Gain or Retain”. You create content in all its forms, whether […]

May 18