Repackage, Reimagine; Content Marketing

Joe Pulizzi explains how you can collect and repackage old assets from years past. [youtube] Video Transcript: We’re looking at, we’ve got content assets from years and years ago.  Those are great, we can take those, repackage those, reimagine those, into new pieces of engaging content because people want to engage in content in […]

May 11

The History Of Content Marketing

Did you know that content marketing dates back over 100 years?  Check out this opening video from Content Marketing World 2011 to learn more!   [youtube]

Mar 21

Content Marketing World On Demand Now Available

Content Marketing World On Demand is now available. What does that mean? It means that all 40+ sessions featuring over 60 of the leading content marketing experts in the world is now available in a video/slide combo. Investment is $59 for Content Marketing World 2011 attendees and $199 for everyone else. Cost: Priceless. Get full […]

Oct 31

Content Marketing: You have the tools…do you have the story?

Yes, we all have to be publishers today…even us marketers.  But it’s not easy.  Changing from a marketing environment to a publishing environment takes a complex strategy of culture shift and process change. Video #2 talks about this change below…and the possibilities for great things to happen in your company when you start telling stories.

May 24