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Wednesday, September 9


Welcome to the Content Marketing Revolution, Joe Pulizzi

Content vs.The Customer, Kristina Halvorson

Why Marriott is Going “All In” as a Media Company, David Beebe

Does Your Content Pass the Mom Test?, Jay Baer (No slides available)

Closing Afternoon Keynote, John Cleese (No slides available)

Advanced Measurement 

Content Marketing Measurement – Is ROI Really What We’re Looking For?, Robert Rose

The Content Wheel:  Sustaining Momentum with Greater ROI While Punching Unicorns in the Face, Jay Acunzo

The Content Marketing Metrics that Matter:  How To Measure, Visualize & Report on Content Performance, Paul Roetzer

Applied Analytics:  Using Data to Make Better Content Marketing Decisions, Andy Crestodina

B2B Track 

How Insane Honesty Can Take Your B2B Story to the Next Level, Doug Kessler

Demand Generation, Sales Enablement and Marketing Automation – A Data Driven Approach, Rick Neiman

Live SEO Reviews of Your B2B Sites, Stephan Spencer (No slides available)

Visual Storytelling At Scale, Katrina Craigwell

B2C Track 

The Strategy and Execution Behind Marriott International’s Global Creative + Content Studio, David Beebe

High-Tech, High-Touch:  Content Marketing in a Luxury World, Sarah Nabors, Felicia Yukich

Rust-Oleum’s Integrated Content Strategy Fuels Multi-Channel Execution, Lisa Bialecki, Ryan Derrow

How Content is Transforming & Integrating Marketing at Cleveland Clinic, Amanda Todorovich

Beginner Classes 

Media Relations + Content = SEO, Gini Dietrich

Essential Keys to Moving From Journalist to Content Marketer, Michelle Kessler

How to Document Your Content Marketing Strategy, Jenny Magic

Stop Making Stuff Up:  How Insights into Buyer Persona Decisions Guide Content Strategy, Adele Revella

Demand Generation Track

Audience Building Strategies from One of the Largest Book Publishers on the Planet, Eric Shanfelt

Tracking the Elusive Content Funnel (Measure Content and Its Effect on The Sales Cycle), Mickey Mencin

The New Customer Journey:  Why Content Defines How Consumers Meet, Engage and Return to Your Brand, Shafqat Islam

How To Ensure Influencers Deliver on Your Content Marketing Objectives, Gloria Loree

Future Content Keynotes

Advanced SEO Practices that Will Blow Your Mind, Rand Fishkin

Good Content vs Good Enough Content;  A Fight for Sore Eyes, Ann Handley

Why Content Falls Flat (Hint:  It’s Not You…It’s Them…), Mitch Joel

Content As Customer Service (Or Hug Your Haters), Jay Baer

Global Strategy Track 

Step-By-Step Planning to Extend Your Content Marketing Globally, Pam Didner

Localizing Content For a Global Audience:  What Every Content Marketer Should Know, Sarah Mitchell

Do Personas Work In a Global Marketplace?, Val Swisher

Content Marketing To Spanish Speakers, Zeph Snapp

Panels Track

Getting Organization Buy-in for Content Marketing, Arnie Kuenn, Mike Barton, Deana Goldasich, Morgan Hurley, Christoph Trappe (No slides available)

Getting Employees Involved in Your Content Marketing Practice, Bernie Borges, Carlos Abler, Gina Czark, James Moat, Kristie VanAuken (No slides available)

How to Effectively Outsource Content to Freelancers, J.D. Peterson, Joanne Cleaver, Jason Miller, Arestia Rosenberg, Heather Hurst (No slides available)

Legal and FTC Issues Related to Your Social Content Programs, Gini Dietrich, Ruth Carter, Justin Levy (No slides available)


Social Seduction – How to Use Content to Tease Your Way to More Sales with Social Selling, Tom Martin

Get Sales and Marketing on the Same Side to Drive Growth, Ian Altman

Developing a New Sales Playbook in the Social Age, John Jantsch

Content, Where it Counts:  Enabling Great Sales Follow-Up Conversations to Create More Pipeline and Close More Deals, Tim Riesterer

Social Media 

Social SEO:  Hacking the New Algorithms, Erin Monday

How to Build a Brand Following with Online Video, Matthew Patrick

Participation Marketing:  How to Co-Create, Optimize & Socialize Content with Influencers, Lee Odden

Developing a Pinterest Strategy for Your Content Marketing, Bob Gilbreath, Umang Shah


15 Essential Tools to Optimize Your Content Marketing, Ian Cleary

Practical Tips, Tools and Templates To Build Your Content Marketing Strategy, Michael Brenner

A Powerblogging Strategy to Catapult Your Business, Rich Short

Content Hacks:  50+ Best Practices, Shortcuts and Tools to Double Your Engagement and Conversion Rates, Matt Heinz

Lunch and Learn Sessions (15)

Supercharge Your Content Strategy With Video, Linda Crowe

Why a Published Book is the Engine to Your Content Marketing Strategy, Adam Witty

Data-Driven Content Marketing:  How to Get there Fast, Now, Pawan Deshpande

Rot Content:  How to Fix the Bad Content That’s Killing Your Brand, Anna Hrach

Helping Your B2B Sales Team Thrive in the Age of Content Marketing, Jeff Herrmann

Using Video to Cut through the Content Marketing Mix:  Custom Research Finding by GoAnimate and Content Marketing Institute, Gary Lipkowitz

The Content Beast:  Is it Eating You Alive?, GerRee Anderson, Dawn-Marie Kerper

How to Create Content That Converts, Drives Positive ROI, Andrew Milk

Cutting Through The Noise Using Content Marketing Analytics, Allen Gannett

Changing the Conversation: 20 #Eventhacks for Today’s Busy Marketer, Courtney Pierce

I’ll Have Another:  Mixing the Right Ingredients so Your Audience Will Drink The Content You Serve #Contenttipsy, Matt Oslas, Claire Webb

The Content Marketing Center of Excellence:  How To Structure and Optimize Your Content Marketing Team, Ellen Gomes

The Blossoming Content Marketing Strategy of Scotts Miracle-Gro, Seth Dotterer, Chris Hanaway, Larissa Livingston

Getting To What Matters:  Driving Conversions Through B2B Personalization, Robert Strohmeyer

Brand Logistics TM – Moving From Vicious to Virtuous Production Cycles, Jethro Ferguson


Thursday, September 10


Day 2 Opening Keynote, Rajiv Chandrasekaran (No slides available)

Content Marketing Awards Presentations & Announcements (No slides available)

Closing Keynote, Nick Offerman (No slides available)

Content Marketing World Wrap-Up, Joe Pulizzi (No slides available)

Morning Intensives 

Don’t Build It…Buy It…Limited Session on Buying a Blog Or Media Company, Scott McCafferty

Content That Matters:  How The Path To Engagement is Paved with Purpose, Russell Sparkman

Webinar Case Study:  How the Leading Provider of Automotive Retail Software Balanced Customer Retention & New Customer Acquisition, Mike Agron, Randy Kobat

How to Evangelize Your Community to Create Content For You (User-Generated Content), David Kelly

Print is Back:  How To Measure ROE of Custom Print, Nenad Senic

Content Marketing on A Teeny, Tiny Budget, John F. Hunt

Using a Framework to Plan and Execute B2B Content Strategy, David Held

Performance ROI

Leveraging First-Party Data From Content and the Impact on Digital ROI, Julie Fleischer (No slides available)

Less-Than-Obvious Content Metrics You Need to Pay Attention To, Rebecca Lieb

Learning From Learnings: Adding Performance To Your Newsroom Programs, John von Brachel

Use Data To Build Organizational Bridges and Increase ROI, Erin Robbins O’Brien

Process and Workflow

How to Build Content Programs for Internal Audiences that Create Distinguishing Brands Experiences, Carla Johnson, Mark Wilson

Making It Real- How To Structure Your Marketing Department Around Paid-Earned and Owned, Sarah Leitz-Compagnoni, Luke Miller

The Story of Content, Rise of New Marketing, Documentary Premiere From Content Marketing Institute

How To Hire, Train and Manage A Content Team, Jaelithe Guillette

Creation & Distribution 

101 Ways to Repurpose Content, Amy Higgins

Only The Leading Content Creation, Curation and Amplification Tools, Travis Wright

Creating An Efficient, Effective and Scalable Content Marketing Machine, Peter Kornberg, Andrew Hanelly (No slides available)

Smart Content: Using Big Data To Inform Your Content Marketing Strategy, Juntae DeLane

Future Content Keynotes

Social Momentum:  The Simple Secret Smart Brands Employ to Turn Regular Content Into Extraordinary Success!, Andrew Davis (No Slides Available)

Engage and Inspire The Media And Millennials With Authentic Story Telling, Kathy Button Bell

Content Marketer To Chief Marketing Officer; What You Need To Make The Move, Jeff Rohrs

Unethical: The Biggest Threat To Content Marketing, Scott Stratten

Content Strategy 

The New Normal for Content Architecture – Grow Slow or Die Fast, Cleve Gibbon

The Trials and Tribulations of Conducting A Content Audit (Why Less Content is Best Content), Mickey Mencin

HowPHH Mortgage is Using Marketing Technology To Drive A Personalized Experience Across 600+ Websites, Nick Christy, Francine Roberts

Put Your Content On A Diet: Establishing and Selling Governance In The Enterprise, Ahava Leibtag


How Small Businesses Can Dominate with Content Marketing, Pamela Muldoon, Brian Clark, Joe Pulizzi, Michael Stelzner (No slides available)

How Senior Marketers And CMOs Are Structuring Around Content Marketing, Todd Wheatland, Allen Gannett, Chris Moody, Courtney Pierce, Jeannine Rossignol (Title slide only available)

Can Print Really Be A Logical Choice For Your Content Marketing Program?, Kevin Lund, Craig Coffey, Ben Plomion, Igor Savič, Nicole Sherrod (Title slides only available)

The Opportunities In Native Advertising, Bo Sacks, Sarah Dale, Mike Feeley, Sachin Kamdar, Claire Robinson (No slides available)


Podcasting:  Grow Your Audience, Expand Your Brand, Increase Your Income, John Lee Dumas

Create Ugly: Clever, Sneaky, and Downright Brilliant Ways Prolific Content Creators Make “Quality vs. Quantity” A Pointless Debate, Jay Acunzo

How Overstock Creates Stories That Drive E-Commerce, Judd Bagley, Tom Gerace

How To Create A World-Class Speaker Program That Builds Your Company’s Brand and Generates Gobs of Leads, Loren McDonald

Visual Storytelling 

Building A Better Video Team for Broadcast & Storytelling Success, Maggie Burke

Words +Pictures: A Content Marketer’s Guide To Visual Content, Buddy Scalera

Full Social Media Integration With Content Marketing(CMI Case Study), Cathy McPhillips, Monina Wagner

Improv Rules for Creating Award-Winning Content, Tim Washer

B2B Executives

Increasing the Value of Your Content Through Strategic Demand Generation, Carlos Hidalgo

Case Study Driving Perpetual Demand Through Content, Jefferson Allen

How To Enable Your Content With Marketing Technology, Scott Brinker

Tying It All Together For Revenue-Panel of Marketing Executives, Carlos Hidalgo, Kathy Button Bell, Carla Johnson, Brian Kardon, Mark Wilson

Advanced Classes

Developing Mobile Content:  A Consumer Behavior Approach, Tom Webster

From Content To Conversion: Persona-Driven Lead Nurturing, Ardath Albee

I Want My $28! Rockin’ Email Marketing ROI, Jessica Best

Advanced Content Promotion Techniques(Paid & Unpaid) Chad Pollitt

Intelligent Content 

How to Get Started with An Intelligent Content Approach, Ann Rockley, Charles Cooper

Massive Scale: How One Of The Biggest Companies In The World Does Content Marketing, Andrew Bredenkamp, Stephen Wright

L.E.A.F.(Lean Executive Agility Framework): A Framework For Leaders, Jon Stahl

Creating A Digital Content Factory: Getting Started With Intelligent Content,  Scott Abel

Lunch & Learn Series (6)

How To Launch A Content Marketing Pilot Program In An Enterprise, Dusty DiMercurio, Kylee Swenson Gordon

Healthcare Content And The Consumer Journey[Panel], David Brown, Michael Marquis, Tracy Smith

Evergreen Content: How To Increase Your Audience by 900 Percent Within Three Years, Dominik Grau

How HLN is Using Social Content to Power The News, Katie Caperton

How To Strategically Get Your Content In Front Of The Right Audience, Jeff Sutton

The New Agency:  Beyond Content Strategy, Kirk Cheyfitz


Tuesday, September 8

Pre-conference Workshops (16) – please note: for paid workshop attendees only, requires separate password

Viewing of pre-conference workshop presentations is limited to those attendees who participated in the workshops.  Individual passwords were emailed to attendees in order to access the slide presentations.

Developing a B2B Demand Generation Model, Ardath Albee

Content Marketing 101:  Building a Foundation for Content Success, Dustin Diehl, Anna Hrach

Developing An Intelligent Content Framework (A Primer for Content Marketers), Scott Abel, Ann Rockley, Charles Cooper

Content Strategy 101, Meghan Casey

Global Content Marketing:  Create a Scalable Content Marketing Strategy, Pam Didner

Content Atomization:  Making More Content From Less Through Smart Planning, Jay Baer, Jani Bryne Ph.D., Brad Walters

Content Creation Management – Building a New Process For our Business & Content Marketing Success, Robert Rose

Developing a Documented Content Marketing Strategy, Doug Kessler, Michael Brenner

Planning, Refining and Measuring SEO for Content Marketing, Stephan Spencer

Positioning Your Agency for Success with Content Marketing, Megan Cunningham, Georgia Galanooudis, Gary Johnson, Jacquie Loch

Innovative Ways to Align Marketing and Sales to Achieve Extraordinary Revenue Growth, Marcus Sheridan, Ian Altman

Core Content Writing:  Using Storytelling Techniques to Assert Relevance and Even Trust, Jonathan Kranz

Moneyball Marketing:  The Simple Science Behind Mega Content Success, Andrew Davis (No slides available)

Online Video:  How to Win in The World’s Most Important Medium, Matthew Patrick

Developing a Mobile Content Plan that Works, Tom Webster (No slides available)

Sales Enablement (Making Content Work for the Sales Force – For Marketers), Tim Riesterer


Friday, September 11

Labs – please note: for paid industry lab attendees only, requires separate password

Viewing of lab presentations is limited to those attendees who participated in the labs.  Individual passwords were emailed to attendees in order to access the slide presentations.

Hospitals Lab, Ahava Leibtag (No slides available)

Pharma  Lab, Ann Rockley, Charles Cooper (No slides available)

Banking Lab – How to Lose the Bank Speak and Keep Your Customers for Life, Kevin Lund, Isaac Rodriguez, Scotty Watson

Tech/Software Lab – Multi-Channel Publishing Lessons Learned:  How Technology Marketers can Produce More Content with Fewer People, Scott Abel, Kevin P. Nichols  (No slides available)

Non-Profit Lab – Secrets of Effective Storytelling for Nonprofits, Russell Sparkman, Kevin Sparkman

Education Lab – Higher Education Content Marketing:  How Authentic Communication Drives Admissions, Retention and Critical KPIs, Kathleen Gossman, Joey Hall, Aubrae Wagner

Retail Lab – How to Drive Sales and Profits by Leveraging Content, Part 1 & Part 2, Cindy Marshall, Ken Burke, Jenn McClain-De Jong, Tran Tieu

Industrial Manufacturing Lab – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 –  Ruth P. Stevens, John Dobbs, Marisa Edmund, Kevin Hope

Travel/Tourism/Hospitality Lab, Darren Frei, Juliette Reynolds, Katie Riddle

Professional Services Lab, Jonathan Kranz

Content Inc. Summit (For Startups, Entrepreneurs and Growing Small Businesses),- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 –  Joe Pulizzi, Matthew Patrick, John Lee Dumas, Brian Clark, Jordana Borensztajn, Andrew Davis

Financial Services Lab – The Secrets of a Creative, Results-Driven Content Marketing Program, Marla Clark, Todd Cywinski, Peter Hernreiter, Sheri Malmgren, Chris Matt

Publishing & Media Lab – How Publishing & Media Companies Can Capitalize on The Content Marketing and Native Advertising Boom, Andrew Davis, Jim Gaines, Vince Giorgi, Kristin Letourneau, PhD, Peter Loibl, Duncan Milne, Brian O’Leary, Sam Rosen, Eric Shanfelt, Sam Slaughter, Denis Wilson, Kolby Yarnell