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CMWorld 2015 Speaker Spotlight: Tom Martin

IMG_7251Tom Martin is a tease.

Perhaps we should elaborate. He’s created a process, called Social Seduction, which leverages social media and email and is powered by great content to tease prospects into and through your sales funnel.

Oh, that kind of tease. Tell me more.

Tom’s firm, Converse Digital, likes to say they help digitally challenged organizations convert their demand generation processes to the digital world – and it’s working quite well. How well, you ask? Converse Digital routinely delivers an 85% close rate. Just to be clear, that’s not an 85% failure rate like the rest of us…85% of the time his clients are closing the deal.

Okay, now you’re really listening.

Tom is a 20-year industry veteran who got his start in the ad agency world, where he learned about the importance of frequency and reach. Today, he talks about how content frequency, just like advertising frequency, creates awareness and it’s this awareness that brands need.

We all know that today’s consumers are largely self-educated, often learning what they need to know online about a purchase and narrowing their consideration set down long before those who haven’t made the list even know they’re missing out.

This change in consumer behavior was the genesis of Tom’s book, The Invisible Sale, in which he lays out many great ways to create selling opportunities without cold calling.

No cold calling? Sounds good for everyone.

Tom also likes to talk about technology. Not the my-computer-downloads-more-gigabytes-per-second-than-yours kind of technology. He helps brands understand how technology can help enable smart marketing today. He also believes it’s important for brands to stay current on marketing technology or risk being blindsided by the ongoing digital disruption.

By attending Tom’s session at CMWorld 2015, you’ll also learn how to use techniques like Social Recon, Aikido Selling and Propinquity that can help you deliver just what your prospects need…because they will actually tell you!

We’re sensing very little actual teasing and quite a bit of substance here, aren’t you?

To learn more about Tom, visit his bio page on our website, connect with him on Twitter or visit the Converse Digital, website.

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