#CMWorld 2017 Track Posters – see them all

Back in 2012, JK Kalinowski and I were discussing our CMWorld 2013 theme of “Amplify Your Story” and how we could bring that to life visually. A little nugget of an idea in my head of “let’s create some concert posters” turned into a much-better-than-I-imagined series of track posters that JK designed. Here’s a look back on one of them.

Each year JK has created track posters (and award-winning ones, at that) based on the event theme, and this year is no different. Back when we had 10 tracks, through this year when we have over 20, we’re so grateful for JK’s designs to brighten up the halls of the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland and to bring our event to life.

Enjoy this year’s track posters, all centered around our 2017 theme of “A World of Stories” – touching on our speakers from around the world, as well as our attendees. We learn more when we have many perspectives on this content marketing world we live in. Also, if you click on each of them, they link right to that track’s sessions.

We can’t wait to see you next week. Still not registered? There’s still time! Visit our registration page and use code BLOG100 at checkout to save $100.