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#CMWorld – Ask Us Your Questions!

IMG_6588Content Marketing World 2015 is 6 weeks away! Wow! Of course there are so many small details for the CMWorld and CMI team to wrap up, but we’re so excited for our biggest – and what is sure to be best – CMWorld yet! Did you know this is the 5-year anniversary of the event?

This is going to be a short blog post from us, because we’re looking for questions from you. Here are some ideas – but of course ask anything else as well!

  • What questions do you have for the CMWorld event team?
  • Are you still not registered? What questions can we answer for you to help you decide?
  • Who are you most looking forward to seeing and hearing? What questions do you want to ask them?
  • What are you hoping to take from the event, and how can we help make that happen?
  • If you could ask Joe Pulizzi one question, what would it be?

Leave your questions and comments in the comments section below and we’ll answer them right away!

And just in case…register here, and use code CMI100 to save $100! If you’re bringing a group, let us know so we can fill you in on group rates!


  1. Amy Higgins says:

    Hey Joe – Why orange?
    For the team – Two parts: How do you pick the celebrity key note speaker and how do you land them?

  2. Erika Heald says:

    Here’s my question for staff: As a third-time attendee, now heading up content for an agency, who or what is new this year that I should be sure to check out? and for Joe, will we be able to pick up your new book on site at the conference, even though the Amazon pre-order date is after CM World?

    • Joe Pulizzi says:

      Thanks Erika…see the above content for new speakers. And yes, book will definitely be available. We are trying to move up publication date to September 8th 🙂

    • Cathy McPhillips says:

      There are some awesome advanced classes, and some advanced measurement classes. There’s actually a blog post being published on Thursday on the advanced measurement track. I’ve listened to Robert Rose numerous times, and it never, ever gets old. And I learn so many things every time I hear or read anything from Andy Crestodina. I bet you’d learn a lot from any of these sessions that would be really applicable in your new role.

  3. tracibrowne says:

    Can you tell us who are the top five new voices we can expect to hear at this year’s conference?
    For the CMI staff…how do you stay so cheerful and upbeat while running a conference this size? And one that is growing so fast?

    • Joe Pulizzi says:

      Hi Traci. As always, thanks for the questions.

      That is a tough question, but here are a few names that come to mind.

      1. Mickey Mencin from Hyland Software. I think they are really on to something at Hyland and she is leading the charge. Mickey actually has two sessions.
      2. Matthew Patrick, founder of Game Theory. Us content marketers don’t know him, but MatPat is a rock star. 4 million+ subscribers on YouTube and a great presenter.
      3. Amy Higgins – she’s been around for a while but hasn’t presented at CMW before. Love her insight.
      4. Cleve Gibbon – First CMW. Do not miss his presentation.
      5. Kathy Button Bell – Again, first CMW…CMO of Emerson. Already a rock star.

    • Cathy McPhillips says:

      I love these questions! We stay cheerful and upbeat by seeing all of you. You have no idea (well, well maybe you do…) on how invigorating and inspiring it is to see all of you in person. Then we crash…and crash hard, after Friday. 🙂 The other part of the equation is Kelley Whetsell – who directs our events like a symphony. She makes it really easy for the rest of us to stay positive, because literally everything is planned down to the minute. Being in events yourself, you’d be in awe seeing her specs and documentation. Hopefully it shows to all of the attendees!

  4. Angela Hursh says:

    For Joe: If you could only attend one session, (not counting the keynotes) what would it be? For the CMWorld team, what is the hardest part of putting together a conference this size?

    • Joe Pulizzi says:

      Oh Angela…that is an impossible question. We’ve programmed over 100. Right now, probably John Cleese. We’ve wanted him for a long time.

    • Cathy McPhillips says:

      Great questions, Angela! For me, the hardest part is making sure that everyone knows about CMWorld, and knows what the value is for them in their role, in their industry, and at their skill level. Because the event is now 5 years old and we have returning attendees, we want to make sure that our event evolves with them. However, with those new to the content marketing industry, or simply switching roles or focusing, we need to make sure that there are beginner and intermediate levels as well. The magic of Joe Pulizzi is that he crafts an agenda that does work for all various levels, interests, and industries. It’s pretty amazing to see it all come together.

  5. Mike Myers says:

    Hi Joe. It must be great (and a lot of work!) being the face of CMI…what’s your favorite thing that being the Godfather of Content allows you to do?

    For the team: your retreat sounded awesome…what was the best part of that trip?

    Thanks, we’ll see you all soon!

    • Cathy McPhillips says:

      The best part of the retreat for me was just all being in one place at one time! (Though we did have a couple team members that unfortunately couldn’t join) It was great to sit and brainstorm, see the vision of CMI, know we’re all working toward a common goal of advancing the practice of content marketing, and having a few moments of clarity. Then that relaxation part of it was nice too! Do you know how to make a vacation really fun? Take your coworkers with you! It cuts your emails that you’ll return to down quite substantially!

      • Mike Myers says:

        Thanks for the replies, Cathy and Joe. You guys have an awesome organization and it shows!

    • Joe Pulizzi says:

      Thanks Mike. I don’t know about being the “godfather”, but I’m continually in awe of seeing this industry come together. So many lives are being changed for the good. To me, it’s all about the people.

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