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#CMWorld Back to Basics Track + Poster


Back to basics

There’s no place to start like the beginning. Or, as Yoda might say, “Start at the beginning, you must.” That’s why there are four industry experts in this back to basics group who stand ready to help those who are just learning as well as the experienced pros who may need a refresher. They may not be your father, Luke, but they sure can help you get your content marketing program started.

Getting executive buy-in for content marketing
Deana Goldasich

If you don’t start with buy-in from executive leaders, you may not start at all. Join Deana and learn how you can:

  • Assess where your executive team stands on understanding content marketing
  • Find the “light bulb” moments that will resonate with them
  • Be ready for the inevitable ROI discussion

Jumpstarting Content Marketing: A 360 View of Basic Implementation & Getting Started
Jillian Hillard

Learn the five “musts” you need to jumpstart your content marketing effort, regardless of the size of your brand. You will learn:

  • What resources are critical to get started
  • The marketing mix – how to assess where to focus your distribution
  • The pitfalls to avoid along the way

Using Content Marketing with NO Budget or Resources to Build Your Digital Brand
Juntae DeLane

Talk about starting from the beginning! This session will help you know how to gain visibility, viability and, perhaps most importantly, credibility.  You’ll discover:

  • How to use content to convey your brand voice
  • How to develop content for SEO
  • How to develop awesome testimonials that will enhance your “street cred”

Account-Based Marketing & Content Marketing: Friends or Foes?
Joe Chernov

This session will explore the relationship between ABM and content marketing, answering the question: Are they friends or foes? Here, you’ll learn:

  • What Account-based Marketing actually is
  • How to determine the right blend of Account-based Marketing and content marketing strategies for your business
  • How to think about measuring Account-based Marketing

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