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#CMWorld Speaker Feature + Video: Carla Johnson & Mark Wilson

Johnson WilsonWhy should you target employees with your content marketing?

We all know that selecting a targeted audience is a key decision in content marketing, but there’s one audience that industry experts Carla Johnson and Mark Wilson say is sometimes neglected: a company’s own employees.

Why would you want to target your own people? There are many great reasons and Carla and Mark talked about this very topic at Content Marketing World 2015. Take a look at a brief part of that presentation:

There are so many reasons for targeting employees in there, let’s break some of them down:


First is trust. People trust people. Do you know who people don’t trust? Yeah, it’s marketers and brands. By focusing at least some of your content marketing efforts on your employees, you give them the ammunition they need to build trust with your customers and prospects. Remember, Mark said that more than 2/3 of customers leave your company because of employee attitudes — it’s not because of your product or service.


Second is creating an emotional connection. We want to do this with customers, of course, but what about the people who will serve those customers? We want them to be emotionally invested, too.


A third reason to focus on employees with content marketing is engagement. According to Gallup, nearly half of employees don’t know what their company stands for and they don’t understand what makes their own company different from its competitors.

Without that information, your employees aren’t prepared when customers ask things like, “Why should I choose you?” or “What makes you different?” And that has to have an impact how employees feel about their company. It’s simple: engaged employees serve customers better.

Finally, are your employees creating a unique experience for customers or are they just talking about what it’s like to do business with you? People don’t want to do business…they want to be engaged in an experience. Employees can only do that if you include them and make sure they know the story and are empowered to tell it passionately.

If you’re like me, all of this has you thinking about the ways you could be helping your employees deliver a great experience…but aren’t. Remedy that by joining me at Content Marketing World 2016, where Carla will be presenting: My employees said what?! Creating a content strategy for employees, the most vital and ignored audience.

To learn more about Carla, you can find her on Twitter or check out her LinkedIn profile. To connect with Mark, check out his LinkedIn profile.

And now that you’re ready to learn more about helping your employees make an even better connection with your customers, let’s jump on over to the registration page and get your connection with CMWorld 2016 started right now! Code BLOG100 saves $100!