#CMWorld Twitter Community Top 100

Top100-0199 hours. 12,423 participants. 86,238 tweets.

Every week since July 2013 (save a few holidays and Tuesdays during Content Marketing World each September), Content Marketing Institute has hosted a #CMWorld chat. Marketers join the #CMWorld community on Twitter each Tuesday at 12pm Eastern for a conversation about trends and best practices across numerous topics impacting the content marketing community. We’ve chatted about everything from strategy to technology to ROI.

But next month will mark our biggest chat yet.

That’s because we will be celebrating our 100th #CMWorld Twitter chat!

Our #CMWorld chat has experienced tremendous growth in the last two years. We’re proud our conversations have spanned the globe. Hundreds of marketers join us each week to network and discuss challenges in our industry. We have had the honor to host numerous guests who have given thought-provoking insights and inspired our discussions. Our first guest was NewsCred Head of Strategy Michael Brenner, and next week, Meghan Casey, Lead Content Strategist at Brain Traffic, sits in the hot seat.

We are so grateful for all of the fabulous marketers who have joined our Twitter chats. To mark this milestone, we want to cast a spotlight on the #CMWorld Twitter Community Top 100, loyal members of our online community that have shared their expertise and tweeted and contributed the most since the start. Follow them. Learn from them. They are who make this community engaging and a big success.

    1. Scott Abel @scottabel
    2. Carlos Abler @carlos_abler
    3. Jay Acunzo @jay_zo
    4. Kyle Ackerman @kyleackerman
    5. Ardath Albee @ardath421
    6. Karra Barron @karrabarron
    7. Jeremy Bednarski @jeremybednarski
    8. Michelle Berdeal @michelleberdeal
    9. Jordana Borensztajn @jordanaoz
    10. Bernie Borges @bernieborges
    11. Sue Brady @suebrady
    12. Michael Brenner @brennermichael
    13. Mike Brown @brainzooming
    14. Traci Browne @tracibrowne
    15. Carden Calder @carden
    16. Ian Cleary @iancleary
    17. Heidi Cohen @heidicohen
    18. Crowd Content @crowdcontent
    19. Andy Crestodina @crestodina
    20. Jonathan Crossfield @kimota
    21. Bill Cushard @billcush
    22. Erin Cushing @eccushing
    23. Andrew Davis @TPLDrew
    24. Linda Dessau @lindadessau
    25. LindaJake DiMare @jakedimare
    26. Melissa DiVietri @missydi
    27. Brian Dooley @zenironman
    28. Shannon Doubleday @shhh
    29. Katrina Douglas @kdadouglas
    30. Sue Duris @susyneliseduris
    31. Kate Eidam @kateeidam
    32. Jeff Fagel @jf1216
    33. Brian Fanzo @isocialfanz
    34. Filtered Media @filteredmedia
    35. Deana Goldasich @goldasich
    36. Christy Grieves @sugarsugarcg
    37. Lorrie Guerrieri @lorrieguerrieri
    38. Ann Handley @annhandley
    39. Patrick Hayslett @patrickhayslett
    40. Erika Heald @SFerikaErika
    41. Kristen Hicks @atxcopywriter
    42. Carlos Hidalgo @cahidalgo
    43. Amy Higgins @amywhiggins
    44. Carmen Hill @carmenhill
    45. Justin Hipps @healthcareMBA
    46. Liliana Holloway @liliholl
    47. Angela Hursh @webmastergirl
    48. Zamir Javer @ZamirJaver
    49. Carla Johnson @carlajohnson
    50. Christin Kardos @christinkardosChristin
    51. Doug Kessler @dougkessler
    52. Nick Kellet @nickkellet
    53. Michelle Killebrew @shellkillebrew
    54. Teri Kojetin @terimkojetin
    55. Paula Kreba @paula_kreba
    56. Arnie Kuenn @arniek
    57. Carmella Lanni @vegecomgirl
    58. Zlata Larsen @palkoviz
    59. Justin Levy @justinlevy
    60. Martin Lieberman @martinliebermanMartin
    61. Shelly Lucas @pisarose
    62. LucyRK @lucyrk78
    63. Scott Lum @scottlum
    64. Amanda Maksymiw @amandamaks
    65. Monika Markgraf Lee @monikamarkgraf
    66. Brandie McCallum @lttlewys
    67. Josh McCormack @joshmccormack
    68. Cas McCullough @casmccullough
    69. Kip Meacham @kipmeacham
    70. Danalynne Menegus @dwheeler11
    71. Sarah Mitchell @globalcopywrite
    72. Tiffany Monhollon @tmonhollon
    73. Stephanie Montreuil @steph_montreuil
    74. Michael Mooney @MichaelMooneyy
    75. Mike Myers @mikemyers614
    76. Andy Newbom @brewbom
    77. Naully Nicolas @naullyn
    78. Gary Nix @mr_mcfly
    79. Erin Palmer @erin_e_palmer
    80. Sarah Parker @sparkerworks
    81. Marni Pilgrim @marnipilgrim
    82. Mael Roth @maelroth
    83. Buddy Scalera @marketingbuddy
    84. Nenad Senic @nenadsenic
    85. Sarah Skerik @sarahskerik
    86. LaToya Smith @latoyareports
    87. Russell Sparkman @fusionspark
    88. The Cartoon Agency @brandedcartoons
    89. Think SEM @thinksem
    90. Karen Thompson @kaz747
    91. Christoph Trappe @ctrappe
    92. Tom Treanor @RtMixMktg
    93. Lukas Treu @ltreu
    94. Alissa Trumbull @anorchidinbloom
    95. Heather Vaughn @mewzikgirl
    96. Christine Warner @cvwarner
    97. Karen Webber @webber_karen
    98. Eric Wittlake @wittlake
    99. Constance Woodson @connieurway
    100. Chris Yates @chrisyates11

This is a great community, and we are truly humbled.

We can’t wait to celebrate the #CMWorld 100th Chat with you Tuesday, July 7, 2015 on Twitter at 12 p.m. EDT. We hope you’ll join us!

Got a great question for our #CMWorld community? Let us know in the comments below. And get a jump start on the celebration by subscribing to our #CMWorld Twitter chat list: http://cmi.media/twitterlist

  • http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/ Joe Pulizzi

    Love all these folks. Thanks so much!

    • http://www.moninawagner.com/ Monina Wagner

      I adore all of them too. So lucky to be a part of such a terrific, vibrant community!

  • http://amywhiggins.net/ Amy Higgins

    OMG! The 100th #CMWorld Twitter chat?! That’s going to be epic. Ordering my extra keyboard now since I know mine will be fried after this chat.

    • Cathy McPhillips

      Love this, Amy! What you’ve contributed and done for our community is just priceless. Thank you for everything! It’s going to be a blast!

      • http://amywhiggins.net/ Amy Higgins

        Awh shucks…Thanks Cathy!

  • http://isitedesign.com/ carmenhill

    Good company! I can’t think of a community I’d rather be a part of!

    • Cathy McPhillips

      Couldn’t do this without you, Carmen! Thanks for being with us for virtually all 100!

  • Andy Crestodina

    A huge group of friendly experts working hard to give away their best advice. Who wouldn’t want to be part of this community? CMI is the best!

    See you all on #CMWorld chat 100. Prepare to trend!

    • Cathy McPhillips

      Thanks, Andy! The best part is how much we’re all willing to share. It’s become so useful and entertaining and educational. Huh…almost like content marketing! 🙂 See you next Tuesday!

  • http://billcushard.com/ Bill Cushard

    I am honored to be included. I have learned a lot participating in #CMWorld. It has been a significant part of my learning process. Thanks to CMI for nurturing it and thanks to all the smart tweeps who participate. I hope I can add value back.

    • Cathy McPhillips

      You do, Bill! It’s always so great to see your name pop up on Tuesdays – then we always know it’s going to be extra insightful!

      • http://billcushard.com/ Bill Cushard

        Well that is kind of you to say. Thank you.

  • http://www.wellplannedweb.com/blog/ Deana Goldasich

    Well this just made my day 🙂 — Love you guys. No, really….I do! In such great company!

    • Cathy McPhillips

      I KNOW! The people on this list – each and every one make me smile.

  • http://www.verticalmeasures.com/ Arnie Kuenn

    Now that is a list!

    • Cathy McPhillips

      Agree! 🙂 It’s such a great crew!

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  • Sue Brady

    Thanks for the recognition! And great 100th chat today!

  • LaToya M. Smith

    Now following everyone on this list. What a spectacular community! I’m proud to be a part of it. Joe, I think the Kyle Akerman that’s in our group is @KyleAkerman, not @KyleAckerman.