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Content Marketers React to Twitter’s 280-Character Limit

Last week, Twitter announced it will now allow the majority of users the ability to tweet up to 280-characters. The platform’s decision to increase its character limit has given users an opportunity to express themselves more than ever before. And boy, did they ever.

Our community had mixed reactions.

Some marketers were excited about the idea of not having to edit content to meet the original 140-character limit.

While other marketers thought 280 characters are just too much.

While other community members saw lessons to be learned from the change.

Community members are also voicing their opinions outside of Twitter as well. CMI follower Maria Marchewka wrote shared her thoughts here. What do you think about the newly expanded character count? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Joe Pairman says:

    Thanks for quoting my tweet here. What can I say — I have 250-ish character thoughts! Seriously though, I do think the new limit is not only more expressive, but more more inclusive too, particularly for:

    * People writing in languages such as German or Russian, in which more characters are needed anyway.
    * People who may not have the time, ability, or interest to finely edit their thoughts before posting. Part of Twitter’s appeal is its immediacy, and that becomes very important when people are sharing breaking news and events. Would we rather they spend time polishing their phraseology, or is the message more important than its wrapping?

    So for content marketers, perhaps the question should be not so much “Do we like the new limit” as “How do we better start and join conversations on this now more inclusive, immediate, and less cliquey medium?”

  2. There should be an effort to state an issue, position, or action-able in 50 words or less. Effective writers structure topical sentences in books & articles with 7 words that have no more than 7 characters. Compose content as “Situation” and “Significance” or So-So-What.

  3. Slicky Slick says:

    170 is enough for me, hittin pretty hard with those!

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