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CMWorld Speaker Blog Posts – Content Marketing Ideas

How well do you know our Content Marketing World speakers? This powerhouse list of content marketers is a group we learn from each and every week, and we wanted to share their brilliance with you and give you a chance to learn about them before the big event. Each week we’ll showcase a few speakers, blog posts, and takeaways that we found valuable.

jayacunzo_headshot_2014_hi_res_revJay Acunzo

If you missed Jay on our recent #CMWorld twitter chat, you missed a good one. Jay, known for his years at Google and Hubspot, is now the Director of Platform at NextView Ventures. He also co-founded Boston Content, a community of 500 local content marketers and producers. Jay’s new blog, Sorry for Marketing, has quickly grown to become one of our favorites.

In a recent blog post of Jay’s, “Why ‘Write for Your Audience’ Has Become Dangerous Advice,” there were so many good pieces of information to consider when writing content, but this one resonated with us:

Removing yourself and your own emotional attachment to your work turns writing a brilliant piece into creating a banner ad: determine a set of best practices and apply that systematically and repeatedly to the work, then increase the volume of output commensurate with business need.

This is how we wind up writing unending paragraphs of doom. We present dry lists or ebooks that drag on, without so much as attempting to tell a story or have some fun with it so that the audience might truly enjoy and REMEMBER IT.  

That is definitely something the team at CMI takes into account when it comes to our content – whether it be infusing orange into our posts or adding our own personality – it has made a difference.

Find more on Jay’s blog, Sorry for Marketing, here, and find him at Content Marketing World where he will be talking about the ROI in ebooks.

Ann Handley photo_revAnn Handley

As you just missed Jay’s #CMWorld twitter chat, Ann has one coming up on June 10 (12pm Eastern, follow the #CMWorld hashtag). Ann will be discussing tone and personality of content, which she touches on in her recent blog post on content marketing.

“Content Marketing In 15 Minutes a Day: 3 Content Hacks” seems counterintuitive to the way we have learned to approach content marketing, and Ann says as much. But, read further and see that it’s a great way for small teams, owner-operators handling their own marketing, or those starting out to get their feet wet and get over that daunting feeling of producing enough content or knowing where to begin. Truth be told, starting out at 15 minutes a day will eventually get you where you need to be – just START.

Ann, the Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, and one of our favorite Instagrammers, says this about short-form content:

Content—especially short-form social media content like Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram video, Snapchat and Facebook—presents an immense opportunity to connect in wholly different ways with our customers: not by broadcasting our silly old messages, but by treating our prospects and customers with respect, engaging with them directly in brief snippets of conversation, with personality and humor.

See Ann’s blog, and also meet her in September at #CMWorld. She’ll be addressing a hot topic – From Journalist to Content Marketer.

Andy Crestodina photo_revAndy Crestodina

Andy, a perennial CMI and CMWorld favorite and Co-Founder of Orbit Media, has taught the content marketing community so much about analytics. Last month, we read (and bookmarked) this blog post entitled “Content Hubs: How to Beat the Big Boys in 7 Steps.”

As we all work to produce the best content, we also work to maintain the integrity of our work by not gaming the system, link building or writing for search. But as Andy explains, there are ways to use analytics to help build sitemaps and content hubs to structure content to build momentum. That isn’t working the system, it is smart marketing.

You’ve built your content hub – now what? Andy says:

By the end of the process, you should be able to check Analytics and see if you’re winning attention. It will look like a steady stream of search traffic for the related phrases, and small spikes of social traffic each time something is published.

If you’re not winning, you’re not done yet. Build higher. If you are winning, congratulations! You’re relevant for the topic. Now go build another content hub.

Hear more of Andy’s brilliance in an advanced session on analytics at Content Marketing World, and get your mind in that mode now by subscribing to the Orbit Media blog

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