Remember the days when generating awesome content and then doing a ton of spammy email outreach was called a good link building process?


Well, no more!

Link building is still the most powerful SEO tactic marketers can deploy to boost rankings and traffic. But link building tactics that once delivered authority and rankings are losing their effectiveness in 2021.

Instead of spammy email outreach, broken link building, and resource page link building, Dale Bertrand is encouraging SEO teams to try a new approach: purpose-driven link building.

Dale says it best but put simply, there are three different types of purpose-driven link building:

  • Mission: Digging deep into the ‘why’ behind the brand
  • Product: Identifying what differentiates your product or service
  • Story: Taking a look at the story behind the founders or behind the brand itself

We’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Learn more about purpose-driven link building during Dale’s session, Purpose-driven Link Building: A Potent SEO Strategy for 2022 and Beyond, at Content Marketing World. Attendees will learn:

  • How any brand can develop a purpose-driven campaign
  • Why purpose-driven link building is so powerful and why it works
  • Leveraging your brand to develop an authentic purpose-driven link building campaign
  • How to connect with like-minded organizations and influencers without paying “rate card”

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