John Deere: The Media Company

Content Marketing Institute’s founder Joe Pulizzi talks about how John Deere entered the publishing/content marketing industry with “The Furrow” print magazine series in 1895.

Video Transcript:

Back in 1895, John Deere created a magazine called “The Furrow” magazine – basically they were trying to educate farmers on all the different technology changes that were going on at the turn of the century. They couldn’t do that through an ad, how do we do that?  Well we have to be like a media company.  We actually have to create ongoing, consistent content to them, and in that form, at that time the perfect way to do it was a print magazine. And oh by the way, “The Furrow” is still going on  in 40 different countries, 1.5 million circulation, so obviously it’s worked for John Deere and they have been very successful with content marketing.