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Married into Cleveland! What I love about #CMWorld’s Host City

Over the summer, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from some of the CMI/CMWorld team on what they love most about Cleveland, and offer you some thoughts on what you should visit while you are here.

This week’s post is written by Amanda Subler, CMI’s Public Relations & Media Manager.

I guess you could say that I married into Cleveland. My husband is a native Clevelander which is how I ended up here. I’m a native Ohioan but always wanted to move out of state,  yet the longer I was here, the more I fell in love with Cleveland; something I NEVER thought I would say. That was 12 years ago. Cleveland is such a great little “big” city. The city has been through so much – it’s such an underdog – you can’t help but root for it.  We have so many exciting new developments and projects going on here! I’m excited to be here to witness its renaissance. There’s a great vibe downtown these days and I hope you get a taste of that during CMWorld. Here are some of my favorite Cleveland attractions.

Source: Cleveland Scene

Source: Cleveland Scene

Goodtime III

One of the best ways to see Cleveland is by water. The Goodtime III is the self-proclaimed largest quadruple-deck 1,000-passenger luxury ship on the Great Lakes. It’s a great way to enjoy the lake and also see Cleveland from a different perspective. The Goodtime III gives you a tour along the Cleveland shoreline as well as the Cuyahoga River. The sight-seeing ship offers narrated lake tours as well as dance, dinner and Friday rush hour cruises. You board at the marina behind the Rock Hall. They have a limited schedule starting in September, running mostly on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you come in town early or stay late, you can check it out here.

If a cruise isn’t possible, at least try to take a walk down to the lakefront. There are good spots to see Lake Erie at Voinovich Park behind the Rock Hall. You can also stroll along a walkway that goes behind the Rock Hall, Great Lakes Science Center and right next to the giant William G. Mather Steamship Museum.

BONUS:  If you are into yoga like me, on Tuesday evening, September 9th, at 6pm they offer free yoga at Voinovich Park– right there behind the Rock Hall. You can get your yoga fix before heading down to ContentFest Tuesday night! You can find more information here.



PlayhouseSquare & “The Chandelier”

You may not know this but Cleveland is home to the largest performing arts center outside of New York City. Yep, you read that correctly. PlayhouseSquare consists of nine different theaters that host a variety of programs including Broadway shows, concerts, dance, plays, comedy, opera, speakers, family shows and much more.

Unless you are coming in early or staying late, you likely won’t get the chance to catch a performance.  They do offer a “Take a Hike” tour on Tuesday, September 9th. It’s a 90-minute guided tour of the PlayhouseSquare District that even features actors portraying historic Clevelanders from that neighborhood. You can find more info here.

While you may not be able to take in a show, I strongly suggest you at least take a walk down to PlayhouseSquare on Euclid Avenue to see the “GE Chandelier.” This past May, the district flipped the switch on the giant, dazzling, outdoor chandelier. The 20-foot tall fixture was even officially named the tallest outdoor chandelier in the world by the Guinness World Book of Records. The 6,000-pound light is made up of 4,200 crystals and dangles 24 feet above Euclid Avenue. When it’s all lit up at night, it’s truly a sight to see!

BONUS:  It’s also fascinating to see what went into engineering this massive chandelier.   I highly suggest watching these videos about it.  



Cleveland Museum of Art 

In January 2013, The Cleveland Museum of Art completed a $350 million renovation that included the opening of the groundbreaking “Gallery One.”  The interactive gallery is so innovative, that representatives from museums around the world have come calling, wondering how Cleveland was able to pull it off. I can not say enough of this truly interactive, one-of-a-kind museum experience.

Gallery One consists of ten interactives, but the most impressive is the Collection Wall, the largest multi-touch screen in the U.S.  It’s 40 feet long and features more than 4,000 works of art from the museum. It’s like your little tablet or smartphone on steroids. I can’t even explain to you how crazy-cool this thing is, you just have to experience it. You can touch a picture and get detailed information on any piece of artwork in the collection. It updates every ten minutes and you can see how many people have “favorited” the item on the wall or museum app.

Speaking of the app, the museum’s ArtLens app lets you truly customize your trip.  You can bring your own tablet or rent an iPad at the museum. The interactive feature lets you scan pieces of artwork and find a plethora of information on it. You can also either create your own tour of the museum or choose from a museum-created or other visitor-created tours.  

The museum is free, but you will need to take a bus or cab  to get there. It’s located in University Circle– where many of our other museums are located.  The art museum is open late until 9pm on Wednesday, September 10th. There is also a great restaurant and cafe inside. (The museum is closed on Mondays!)



Aladdin’s Bakery

One of the great things I love about Cleveland is its ethnic diversity. Growing up in small town Ohio I never had many opportunities to be exposed to other cultures. We were a “meat and potatoes” kind of family. So when I met my husband, who is Lebanese, I was exposed to a whole new world of food. Some of my favorite dishes now are Lebanese: hummus, tabouli, kibbie, fattoush, fatayer, and so much more.  We have some great Lebanese restaurants here in Cleveland. If you get a chance, check out Aladdin’s Bakery on Carnegie Avenue (just off E.9th, down from Progressive Field). You can grab a pita pie, stuffed pita sandwich, grape leaves, kibbie, fattoush and more. They also sell excellent fresh pita bread (the big ones!) and you could take an 8 oz container of hummus or tabouli to go. It’s all very inexpensive as well.

If you can’t make it over there, you could try a more upscale Lebanese dining experience at Taza.  It’s located on West 6th Street in the Warehouse District. The food is great, and the portions are nice and big.

I really hope you have time to check out some of these fabulous attractions. Cleveland is so much more than our reputation and all those really old jokes. Can’t wait to see you in September!

Haven’t registered yet? Join us in Cleveland September 8-11, 2014 at Content Marketing World. Registration is now open!