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Quotes and Takeaways from The Unthinkable #CMWorld Series

The best content marketing experts are more than simply marketers, and what makes them different is what Unthinkable podcast host Jay Acunzo is interested in.

Recently, he completed a series of podcasts with some well-known experts in the field – who are also, incidentally, Content Marketing World 2017 speakers – talking to them about the not-so-well-known parts of their lives. He called the series ‘Content Marketers You Know, Stories You Don’t’, but why did he do it?

Jay believes who we listen to is about more than just what these people say or do, but who they are. The collection of their experiences is important to Jay and, he believes, it should be important to us all.

So when he talked to seven of content marketing’s most well-known personalities recently, he wanted to talk to them about what they’re not known for. What don’t you know about the people you think you know so well?

We put together a SlideShare of some of the more poignant moments of each interview. We hope you enjoy the presentation, and you can also view Jay’s blog posts/interviews through links in the SlideShare. To listen to each podcast episode right from this blog post, scroll down below the SlideShare.

Unthinkable: Content Marketers You Know, Sharing Stories You Don’t from Content Marketing Institute

Here’s a brief summary of what Jay discovered, along with the full conversations:

Jay Baer, speaker and founder of Convince & Convert, talks about boundaries and how, when people push beyond these boundaries – both in speaking and in writing – it’s not always a good thing. He’s also a certified BBQ judge (which is a big deal to him) and he shares a story about the surprising cheating that goes in competitive barbeque. Yes, I said competitive barbeque.

Here’s Jay’s conversation with Jay:

Jessica Best, well-known for her email marketing expertise, is not a fan of getting the latest and greatest email tool. That’s right. She says it’s still your database and your talent at the controls and that’s what will matter, regardless of the tool you may use. Also, she’s proud to be a nerd, so there’s that.

Here’s Jay’s conversation with Jessica:

Mitch Joel, president of ad agency Mirum and long-time podcaster (Six Pixels of Separation), believes we all have at least a big toe in the future. The present is fine, but don’t get too comfortable, he says, because something new is always coming. Mitch was also trained by one of the world’s deadliest humans which, as you might imagine, changed him.

Here’s Jay’s conversation with Mitch:

Doug Kessler, creative guru over at Velocity Partners, doesn’t understand why more brands don’t find their voice. He believes voice to be one of the easiest force-multipliers today, but so few brands find theirs (or even look). He also thinks more brands should go negative. Interesting.

Here’s Jay’s conversation with Doug:

Robert Rose, chief strategist for The Content Marketing Institute, believes in authority rather than expertise. While everyone is an expert these days, Robert believes authority, which has its origins in the word author, meaning the sole creator, is more powerful. Perhaps surprisingly, music has had a big impact on Robert’s work.

Here’s Jay’s conversation with Robert:

Keynote speaker Tamsen Webster believes that, in the future, we will all need to understand how we are connected and how what we do relates to what others do. She calls it her red thread idea and it has surprisingly little to do with marketing. Yet she sees it everywhere. In everyone.

Here’s Jay’s conversation with Tamsen:

Amy Schmittauer is a speaker, author and YouTuber and she believes that everybody knows what they are doing. At the same time, she believes that none of us knows what we’re doing. Her thinking is that, if we can help each other and worry less about positioning ourselves as better than someone else, we can all win. Amy also has a unique take on the difference between ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘the scenes’ and she also played Dorothy in a Wizard of Oz parody.

Here’s Jay’s conversation with Amy:

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