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Repackage, Reimagine; Content Marketing

Joe Pulizzi explains how you can collect and repackage old assets from years past.

Video Transcript:

We’re looking at, we’ve got content assets from years and years ago.  Those are great, we can take those, repackage those, reimagine those, into new pieces of engaging content because people want to engage in content in different ways. So for example, if you have six months of really outstanding blog posts, could you have a book there? You probably could.  Could you have an eBook?  Definitely.  Could you have a series of white papers?  For sure.  Could you put on an in-person event around a targeted topic that is related to not only your product and service, but your customer’s pain points?  Absolutely you can. So if we start thinking a little bit less about “here’s our normal channels of how we go to market” and more about “how do our customers solve their ongoing challenges, and can we be that solution provider?” I think that will make all the difference in the world.