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Spark Your Inspiration at Content Marketing World 2024

Make content more strategic. Scale production efficiently. Demonstrate ROI.

These are the recurring themes we hear from our community about their content and marketing challenges. And we know that overcoming these challenges is pivotal to your success and ability to champion content within your organization.

That’s why we chose this year’s theme as Spark. Because when you join us at Content Marketing World, you’ll find the tools and inspiration to ignite your strategies and illuminate new possibilities that will make you a better informed, more confident marketer who is equipped to excel.

Spark Action

“I left with dozens of action items and ideas from the sessions that I believe will create new opportunities and help increase revenue for my organization.” ~ Sarah Kneisler, Director, Marketing & Operations / Editor in Chief, Hyatt

What makes CMWorld different from other conferences? Attendees tell us that it’s the actionable takeaways. You’ll join sessions led by the most innovative practitioners in the field and walk away empowered with fresh ideas you can put into practice immediately to improve performance.

The Human Spark

“In a world that’s increasingly digital, CMWorld encapsulates the best of the human spirit – laugh, cry, learn, become passionate about your work again.” ~ Jenn Vande Zande, Head of Digital Engagement, SAP CX

You’ll find plenty of sessions to get up to speed on AI, but at CMWorld, we believe first and foremost in human connections. Nothing can replace the support, idea-sharing, and camaraderie you’ll find within this community that’s sure to revitalize you and infuse new inspiration into your work.

Spark Joy

“It’s hard to describe the feeling I have when walking into the opening keynotes each year – there’s an almost electric frisson of excitement combined with happy familiarity to be back with my people.” ~ Carmen Hill, Principal, Chill Content

CMWorld attendees return year after year not only for the learning, but for the fun and memorable experiences. You’ll feel an unmistakable energy around the event and see smiles and laughter at every turn!

As we gather in beautiful San Diego for the first time, this year’s CMWorld is a can’t-miss opportunity that promises to send you home with a bright outlook and spark in your eye, eager to implement everything that you’ve learned.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Registration is now open and super early bird rates are in effect through April 26, 2024.