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Speaker Preview: Reverse Engineer Your Competitor’s Social Strategy

Does your competitive analysis include social media content? How do you use those findings to guide the strategy for your own brand?

We’re thrilled to welcome Neal Schaffer, founder of digital marketing consultancy PDCA Social, to the Content Marketing World stage for the first time! His hands-on session, How to Reverse Engineer Your Competitor’s Social Media Content Strategy, will show you how to use analytics tools to precisely understand your competitor’s content, post frequency, and channel preferences. You’ll walk out of this session with a playbook on how to develop your own data-driven organic social media campaign that follows industry best practices.

Neal will help you:

  • Discover insights in your competitors’ social media content that can help your own social media and content marketing strategy
  • Create KPIs for your organic social media content marketing based upon industry-specific norms
  • Equip your organization with a truly data-driven approach to optimizing your social media marketing

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