Can’t shake the feeling getting stuck in your writing? Your search for innovative and fresh content writing strategies are over. Below is not one, not two, but three exciting copywriting sessions that will refresh your skills and leave you with a bevy of tactics to wow your audience.

Rewrite Like Taylor Swift: What B2B Marketers can Learn from a Swiftie

B2B content that goes the extra mile reads as a fresh voice and makes an emotional connection – and any Taylor Swift fan knows that Taylor continues to stand out as an artist for these exact reasons. Join Ahava Leibtag, Aha Media Group President (and diehard Swiftie), for a unique look at B2B content creation that draws lessons from a longtime reinventor in popular music known for her enduring fanbase. Watch Ahava’s preview and read more about her session here.

5 Secrets to Persuasive Content That Will Blow Your Mind

What connections are you missing with your audience by not writing for the way their minds work? Killer content isn’t just representing the facts – it also requires an understanding in human cognition. Level up your persuasion with behavioral marketing master and HBT Marketing CCO Nancy Harhut, and gain the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for in your writing. Learn more about Nancy’s session here.

The Copywriting Rules You WISH You Had in College

Your written content is only as strong as your writing skills. When’s the last time you revisited them? founder and all around copywriting expert Kate Bradley Chernis is ready to sharpen up your writing chops with some ready-to-use tactics that will make your copywriting sizzle. Get the details on Kate’s session here.

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