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Speaker Tips with Tamsen Webster – #2 – Fundamental Concepts

This year for our Content Marketing World 2018 speakers, we have the remarkable Tamsen Webster offering our CMWorld speakers monthly guidance. This information will be invaluable to our speakers, but we thought why not include this for our entire #CMWorld community? After all, we should all be considering

If you read the last blog post and watched the first video from Tamsen, welcome back! If you’re new, don’t worry, you can catch Tip #1 right here on the CMWorld blogLast time, we focused on the CONTEXT of your presentation, who it’s for, what you want them to do and what you want them to know.  This time Tamsen explains how to refine the FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS of your presentation.

This includes determining what it is that people need to hear before they will make the change that you want them to make.

You need to identify these five key concepts:

  • What is the audience’s goal? What do they want from your presentation?
  • What is the problem that stands in the way of the goal?
  • What idea makes that problem impossible to ignore?
  • What is the change you want them to make?
  • What are the specific actions people can take to make that change?

Enjoy Tamsen’s video created especially for our CMWorld 2018 speakers where she digs in deeper into each of these concepts:

Wow! That was a great video and so full of great information. In the third video in the series, Tamsen will share how to fill in the rest of the gaps in your presentation and how to fill out your outline.

In the meantime, if you want to dig deeper into our 2nd #CMWorld speaker video and Tamsen’s concepts, start here on Tamsen’s blog (episode 53) and go through episode 58:

You can find Tamsen on Twitter and Instagram, and on her website where you can learn more about The Red Thread. Seriously, visit her website and check out all the resources Tamsen has to offer.

Now, what we’d really love is to see you at CMWorld 2018. Tamsen will be there, along with 200+ other speakers ready to help you do your job better, to inspire you, and to help you grow both for your business and your career. Code CMWBLOG saves $100 when you register, plus early bird rates end 5/31. Register now to take advantage of both deals!


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