Speaker Tips with Tamsen Webster #4 – Illustration

With just two months to go until CMWorld, no matter where you are in the process of putting together your presentation, we have some more great tips from speaker extraordinaire Tamsen Webster. This month, she’s talking about the importance of illustrating the information in your talk. In the first three videos, she covered everything from context to identifying key concepts to developing your outline. (You can watch those videos in our Speaker Tips playlist on YouTube.)

There are many different and powerful ways you can help an audience understand or process the information or point you are trying to make with your talk. The problem is, each of us has a preferred way that we like to have information illustrated. Tamsen says there are four main categories of illustration:

  • Concepts and Quotes
  • Stories
  • Exercises and Application
  • Research and Data

In this video, Tamsen explains how you can use a mixture of these four categories in your presentation to make sure the audience doesn’t walk away scratching their heads but instead they have a memorable experience.

For Content Marketing World 2018 speakers, we hope this information has been invaluable as you’ve prepared for CMWorld! For our blog post readers, we hope you learned something new in this video series from Tamsen.

See you next time!

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