Kahrin Spear

Moderating the Strategic Content Track

A Cleveland native, Kahrin grew up alongside her two older brothers. In order to be included, she had to prove she could keep up with the boys. This fostered a competitive spirit in her which led her to athletics. After playing just about every sport in the book, she fixated on basketball and pursued her dream of being a collegiate athlete in which she led the Blue Streaks of John Carroll University to its first ever conference tournament championship in her senior year.

After graduation, she and her college buddy founded ODE: An Invitation to a Grateful Mindset, where she was responsible for all the photo and video content. Despite her love for the game, she realized during her college experience that her true passion lies in telling stories through videography, music, and writing. She views her purpose in life as being the space for others to be their truest and most authentic selves.

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