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#ThisOldMarketing Episode 212: The Genesis Planet Episode

“Hi Joe!”
“Hey Robert.”
“Um…feel like it’s been a while.”

After a 577 day, 3 hour and 42 minute hiatus, we’re happy to hear Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose return to the podcast airwaves in an incredible orange blaze of glory.

What have you missed most about the podcast? Here’s what we missed:

  • The banter – one of the best things, in our very biased opinion, is the friendship that Joe and Robert share, listening to this, and feeling like a part of the conversation
  • The expert takes on news in the marketing space today – I know for myself, I can’t be all places each day, and I know I miss out on some critical piece of industry news. Or…I heard about it, but don’t really have a grasp on how this affects me, my role or my company. I hear their takes on it, and it really gets me thinking
  • Rants and raves – Robert and Joe don’t hold back with their opinions on happenings in the marketing landscape, or conversely, something that wowed them. They take turns with these rants and raves.

So, it’s with excitement that we’re telling you that they’re back with Episode 212. If you were already subscribed and were such a loyalist that you never unsubscribed (wow – thank you), then you’re all set, and episode 212 should show up.

If you unsubscribed, then go to and the subscribe buttons are there. Or just visit the iTunes and Stitcher pages directly.

If this is all new to you, then welcome! We hope you love the new episodes that will be released every two weeks.

Without further ado, here are this week’s show notes. Links below are to the articles referenced:

Content Marketing in the News

Episode 212 leads with a detailed discussion of subscription fatigue and what we as marketers and consumers need to do about it.

Then the boys go in-depth about the opportunities in print media and the increasingly complex role of the CMO.

The news concludes with a heated discussion about brand purpose. Also check out this amazing Steve Jobs speech from 1997.

Rants and Raves

The show concludes with Robert’s rave about B2Bs taking back their websites and his rant on cause marketing.

Joe raves about Raspberry Pi’s print magazines purchase and rants about Mailchimp Presents.

We hope you stick around and enjoy the podcast for years to come! In the meantime, subscribe to Joe Pulizzi’s Random Newsletter. Subscribe to Robert Rose’s newsletter at The Content Advisory.

Be sure to follow @JoePulizzi and @Robert_Rose on Twitter, and chat with them using the #ThisOldMarketing hashtag. It’s been so fun seeing the community that has rallied around this over the past week. The other episode show notes will show up here on Thursdays, so check back next Thursday for episode 213, then every other Thursday afterwards.

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