#ThisOldMarketing Episode 224: 8 Big Content Marketing Predictions for 2020

Yes! It’s the annual #ThisOldMarketing predictions episode.

This year, Robert and Joe bring you eight amazing and infallible marketing predictions that are sure to be wrong (but fun nonetheless).

This year’s marketing predictions include:

  1. Less Content and Simplicity to Drive Marketing Strategy in 2020 (Joe).
  2. Brand Journalism (or Content Marketing) is pushed forward by Social Corporate Responsibility (SCR) efforts (Robert).
  3. The drop in print has stopped. 2020 will see the resurgence of print media led by enterprise brands (Joe). Remember the ebook revolution that was supposed to happen?
  4. Ad Tech takes a crippling hit in 2020 (Robert).
  5. Microsoft will launch their own “Disney+” for business-to-business markets (Joe).
  6. AppleTV Plus will die (Joe, but Robert disagrees).
  7. Deepfakes take over the 2020 election process (Joe).
  8. Big agencies start to break up after large consolidation run (Robert).

Essentialism cover by greg mckeownThis episode is closed out by two raves. One by Robert on this article: Brand-backed media gets another look, and one by Joe on the book Essentialism by Greg McKeown

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