“I just don’t know if it’s in the budget this year.”

How many times have you heard that statement? I’ll confidently assume at least a dozen. And you’re not alone.

After a year of uncertainty, it’s understandable that agency owners would be hesitant to send their employees to a conference. But that’s also exactly why you should be attending. Things have changed, trends accelerated, and to be your clients’ biggest advocates you have to be familiar with how these changes affect what you do. Cue Content Marketing World!

Here are a few tips on making the argument why your agency should invest in sending you to CMWorld this year:

  • Facilitates forward-thinking. How can your agency position themselves as a thought leader if you aren’t sure of what’s coming next? CMWorld gives agencies the resources and tools they need to be on top of upcoming trends.
  • A wide variety of speakers. Have you seen the speaker line-up this year? Just being in the same room as some of these powerhouses is sure to have you leaving with creative ways to serve your clients. But in all seriousness, our speakers love questions and the opportunity to connect with you during sessions.
  • Workshops and sessions dedicated to agencies. Our schedule includes breakout sessions, keynotes and workshops dedicated to agency professionals. You even have the opportunity to personalize your track based on your position within the agency.
  • Motivation to produce results. After the past year, I think we’re all in search of a little motivation and creativity. Content Marketing World has this unique way of changing your perspective and challenging you to see things in a different way. You’ll leave brimming with new ways to generate results for your clients!
  • The connections alone! Connections also happens to be the theme of this year’s CMWorld but the sentiment is the same. This might be a content marketing conference but it’s also a place for you to find your people, make connections with others in the industry, with potential new partners, new providers and new friends. The possibilities are truly endless.

These highlight points not enough to sway your manager? We have 75 more reasons you should be attending Content Marketing World this year. And if those still aren’t enough, let them know that code SM100 saves $100 on your ticket.

See you there!

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