Justify your Trip – Join us at Content Marketing World 2017!

justifyDo you need to get approval from your company to attend CMWorld 2017? We want to help.

We’ve heard from attendees over the years that while they’re so excited to attend content marketing world, sometimes management says that they don’t understand the importance of attending “yet another marketing conference”.  And for our alumni, we want to make sure you have enough information on this year’s event so you can RETURN to CMWorld this year. We know YOU know why you’d like to attend Content Marketing World, but sometimes it’s not as easy to convey to others.

We’re here to help explain why we’re hardly “another marketing conference,” so we put together some details to help you receive approval from your manager. First off, Content Marketing World 2017 is:

  • The largest content marketing event on the planet. Yes, the planet!
  • Our 7th CMWorld, it will host over 4,000 marketers from 70+ countries. It’s a global experience like no other!
  • Held in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. An economical city with travel expenses well below other major markets.
  • Home to over 100 speakers from all over the world, including big names in content marketing as well as leading brand practitioners.

We’ve also included the attached Word document we’ve prepared to help you justify your trip. Fill in the missing areas to personalize the letter, and you’re all set. Download the Justify your Trip letter.

How else can we help you? Let us know at info [at] contentinstitute.com.

Don’t forget to connect with us well before the event! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or our LinkedIn group. Our weekly #CMWorld twitter chats include guests and topics all relating back to our big event in September. Join us on Twitter Tuesday at 12pm Eastern each week!