CMWorld Book Club

Are you an avid reader? Love great marketing books? Want to connect with other content professionals? Join the CMWorld Book Club. Participating is easy and free. Our group meets every other month in the CMI Slack workspace.

We take a look at books that will inspire and challenge you. They will strengthen your content marketing. Whether for business or pleasure, these books have been cherry-picked by members of our savvy community. The best part? These smart marketers lead each discussion.

  • February 27, 2020 – Your Journey to Becoming Unskippable by Jim Kukral
  • April 9, 2020 – UnBranding by Scott Stratten
  • May 14, 2020 – The Will to Die by Joe Pulizzi

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Current Book Selection

Your Journey to Becoming Unskippable by Jim Kukral
Recommended by Jeremy Bednarski

Unskippable is a must-read for anyone struggling to gain traction with their career or content. We’re inundated with content and messages everywhere, so it’s harder to stand out. Kukral explains how to make sure that people not only want to hear from you but will seek you out. Pulling from plenty of examples, including his own experiences, he explains what it means to be unskippable. He describes how to approach your career and content to make it a “must experience” for others.

Previous Book Selections

Marketing Rebellion by Mark Schaefer
Recommended by Jeremy Bednarski

I love this book because it finally acknowledges that marketers no longer have control. Consumers go out of their way to avoid ads with DVRs, ad blockers, even paying a premium for services with no ads. Instead of taking that as a clear sign, marketers try to find a way past these technologies to continue to force our ads on people. This book is finally leading marketers away from this for a more effective and less intrusive approach.

Marketing to Gen Z by Jeff Fromm
Recommended by Ben Rome

And we thought pivoting to market to Millennials was difficult? Even as we, as content marketers, stumble through that paradigm shift, there’s yet another generation right behind them. And Gen Z (or “Pivotals,” as the book defines them) looks to be one of the most driven, self-aware generations we’ve ever encountered. Even if your market doesn’t encompass the next generation, this book is invaluable just for the research, insights, and ideas presented. There’s a lot to consider here, if only to see what our world may look like in the next 20 years.